Job attachments, located in the job gallery tab, can be included to the invoice emails directly form Rapid ERP.


  • The user has the job related files in one place and can decide which ones to attach to the invoice email.
  • Everyone who opens the job gallery can see who, when and from where the attachments are made.
  • Prior to sending the email the user can check the attached files and decide which one to include or not.


Attach/Remove files

  1. Go to Jobs -> Dispatch.
  2. Double-click on a job and go to its Gallery tab.
    Here you can see the attached files and information about them.
  3. There is a setting to filter out the attachments based on their type.

  4. If there aren't any attached files or you want to upload new ones there are two options. You can add files by drag and drop in this field or press the Upload button and browse to the desired files from your computer.


    If you upload files from this tab they will have the type - "Job".

  5. If there are files attached to the jobsite, equipment or to the permit/license they also will be visible here but with different type.


    Click once on the file avatar to open it.

  6. Right-click on a file and select the option Attach / Remove.
    A green check mark will appear in the upper right corner of the file avatar, which means it will be attached to the email.
  7. If the file is already attached it will be removed as an email attachment.
  8. Save and Close the Add/Edit Information window.

Send an email with attachments

  1. Right-click on a job.
  2. Select Customer -> Email Invoice & Job Ticket.


    You cannot email invoice if the job is not processed.
    To process a job open it, go to Invoice Information and tick Processed in Processed Status field.

  3. In the lower right corner of the window, the user can see the attached files, which will be sent with the email. The generated invoice is also included in the email.

  4. Every file can be reviewed by clicking on the Open file button.

Send two or more emails with attachments in one go

  1. Go to Dispatch -> Jobs.
  2. Put a check mark in front of two or more jobs.
    Bear in mind that all selected jobs must be processed in order to generate invoice.
  3. Right-click on one of the selected jobs and go to Customer -> Email invoice & Job Ticket.
  4. Click Yes in the two windows, which will ask you to confirm your actions.
  5. In the Email Invoice Queue window the user can include or remove all attachments prior to sending the emails.
  6. Go to Tools and check/uncheck the Include Attachments option. By default this option is enabled.
  7. Click Start Batch to send the selected emails.